26. March 2023

Category: Business


March 24, 20235min
Birmingham’s Colmore BID (Business Improvement District) has partnered with the Hollie Gazzard Trust to launch a new Supporter Organisation Scheme to educate staff on domestic abuse issues and help safeguard employees.  Colmore BID, which is responsible for delivering projects, initiatives and services in Birmingham’s commercial and professional services quarter, is the first to partner with […]


March 24, 20235min
Britain is less prepared for a pandemic now than it was three years ago, thanks to the sale of a key vaccine manufacturing plant, leading scientists have warned. Professor Adrian Hill, director of the Jenner Institute, which was responsible for the Oxford Covid vaccine, said that the recent loss of the Vaccines Manufacturing and Innovation […]


March 24, 20234min
Retail sales volumes beat expectations to rise by their biggest margin in months to return to pre-pandemic levels in February. Sales rose by 1.2 per cent in February, the largest monthly growth since October, after a revised 0.9 per cent rise in January, according to new figures published by the Office for National Statistics. Strong […]


March 22, 20235min
Whether you’re finding ways to taper your smoking habits or want to de-stress, vaping is certainly a popular choice. The market is rife with vape products and manufacturers, so knowing where to start can be confusing. Finding one that suits your specific tolerance, taste buds, and lifestyle habits requires a bit of knowledge. In this […]


March 22, 20236min
Hair loss can be a frustrating and challenging experience for many people. Hair transplants have become a popular solution for those seeking to restore their hairline and regain confidence. However, many people are left wondering whether or not hair transplants last forever. In this article, we will explore the science behind hair transplants, the longevity […]


March 22, 20233min
A key group of Brexit-supporting Conservative MPs are yet to say whether they will vote for Rishi Sunak’s Brexit deal. Parliament will vote tomorrow on the so-called Stormont brake – a key part of the prime minister’s Windsor Framework agreement that would allow the Northern Ireland Assembly to reject new incoming EU rules. European Research […]


March 22, 20234min
More UK sectors reported an increase in output than at any time in the past 10 months in February, as stronger demand and weaker cost inflation drove activity, according to the Lloyds Bank UK Sector Tracker. Of the 14 sectors monitored by the tracker, 11 saw output expand in February (vs. 6 in January) – […]


March 22, 20234min
Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has backed the Bank of England to prioritise tackling inflation, despite concerns rapid increases in interest rates have contributed to recent volatility in the banking sector. The Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee meets this week amid speculation it may pause its recent trajectory of raising rates when it announces its decision on Thursday. […]