26. March 2023

Category: Stocks


March 25, 20232min
In this episode of StockCharts TV‘s The MEM Edge, Mary Ellen reviews the sharp decline in Banks and whether they’re ready to reverse higher. She also discusses broader market conditions while highlighting key pockets of strength and stocks showing promise. This video was originally broadcast on March 24, 2023. Click on the above image to watch on our […]


March 24, 202310min
One of the best questions I got asked this week was “How can you be long gold and long semiconductors at the same time?” And I have a simple answer for that. We love to take a position based on the macro, which is why gold has been so compelling. Nonetheless, the algorithms have also […]


March 24, 20233min
When I look across the European banking sector, the charts are disturbingly weak. After Jay Powell’s presser, one of the things he mentioned was that they had six banks they were watching. He did not mention if they were US-based or international. European Financials (EUFN) When I look through this ETF, the chart is marginally […]


March 24, 202311min
2022 was a challenging year for investors, and, so far, the stock market in 2023 has had its fair share of challenges. The fallout of some banks came as a surprise to many investors; how can retail traders improve their trading results in 2023 in light of such unexpected events? That’s a question on every […]


March 24, 20235min
The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) makes for an interesting, but imperfect, leading indicator for the movements of stock prices. I don’t know exactly why this works, and why it occasionally stops working, but the relationship has been going on for years and so, at some point, one just stops asking why. In this week’s chart, the […]


March 24, 20232min
On this week’s edition of StockCharts TV‘s StockCharts in Focus, Grayson discusses the most important chart on all of StockCharts – your default ChartStyle! In addition to a quick review of what a ChartStyle is, you’ll learn how to save your favorite indicators, overlays and other chart settings as your default ChartStyle that will be used across […]


March 24, 20232min
The SPY is down twice now after the FOMC, where Powell continued to hike rates with another 25BPS. Despite that, there are still many sectors and tickers that are bullish. Of course this can change and we need to always be on guard for that, but, on this week’s edition of Moxie Indicator Minutes, TG […]


March 24, 20238min
Racing ahead of the semiconductor pack, Nvidia (NVDA) appears to be edging toward the upper regions of a parabolic curve.  What Does This Mean for NVDA Stock Price? It’s a sign of confidence coming off a strong Q4 2022 earnings performance on top and bottom lines. NVDA surprised Wall Street, beating analyst EPS estimates by […]


March 24, 20234min
Small-caps are leading the way lower and breadth indicators are showing some serious deterioration under the surface. Large-caps are holding up for now, but keep in mind that weakness in small-caps foreshadowed the January 2022 peak in SPY. Today’s article will compare price charts for SPY and IWM, and then look at the bearish signal […]